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Sereno article confusion

The following is a list of clarifications from Sereno et al.'s latest
article.  Please add to it and correct it as we go:

        Sereno, P.C. et al., _Predatory Dinosaurs From the Sahara and Late
        Cretaceous Faunal Differentiation_, Science 272, 986-991 (1996)

1)  The blanks in the datamatrix are supposed to be "1"s (T.R. Holtz Jr.,
pers. com.).  The 2s are for multistate characters.

2) Bahariasaurus:  From what I can tell, the paper means to say that
material referred to Bahariasaurus is in fact referable to Deltadromeus,
but that Bahariasaurus IS NOT Deltadromeus, nor is any of the origional
Bahariasaurus material referrable to that taxon.  ergo, no conclusion was
reached about Bahariasaurus.

3) African Abelisaurs:  Two points.  According to Tom Holtz (on the list),
Dale Russel has some Morroccan Abelisaur material, and there is the
Madagascar Abelisaur Majungasaurus crenatissimus.  I know nothing of this

4) Spinosaurs and other critters:  Sereno makes veiled references to what
everyone else also makes veiled references to, new spinosaur material found
by Dale Russell.  He does not sound too positive about the material, but
we'll have to wait and see...

5) Giganotosaurus:  Yes, Sereno aligns this taxon firmly with the
allosaurs.  He makes some references to the theory that it (and any of a
dozen other taxa, btw) has been suggested as an abelisaur (ok, I suggested
it too...), and mentions that the nearly complete skull of one has been
found.  Talk about cool!

Anything else?

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