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Chilantaisaurus & Labocania (Re: ... sorry, forgot)

Jonathan Wagner writes (after quoting me):
> >I like _Chilantaisaurus_ better as a megalosaur.  (I'm not even sure
> >if _C. tashuikoensis_ and _C. maortuensis_ belong to the same genus)
>         Hasn't there been speculation (in _The Dinosauria_) that one
> of these is a Segnosaur?  As for true Chilantaisaurus (Chilantaisaurus
> verdes?  Sorry, trilingual joke), didn't somebody say it has D-shaped
> premax teeth?  Even without, I pretty much find myself aggreeing with
> Paul that it's a tyrannosaurid.

You could be referring to _Chilantaisaurus zheziangensis_ (?spelling) 
a Chinese dinosaur that _The Dinosauria_ lists as a segnosaur.  Known 
from pedal elements according to this reference.  But Dong Zhiming in 
his book on Chinese dinosaurs says that its a carnosaur (like other 
_C._ species) and I believe cites different material from _The 

I'm confused.  I think it comes from writing upside down all the time.

Someone mentioned _Labocania_ in another posting.  I've heard (sorry 
I don't have a reference - this is rumour territory) that _Labocania_ 
is related to _Chilantai_.

Neither look to me like tyrannosaurids.  (_Chilantai_ a tyrannosaurid? 
- with those arms!!!  Or is this a chimera too?).  Dong Zhiming 
thought _Chilantai_ could be a dryptosaurid though.


University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia