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At last - I can mail again!

> Okay, Tom. What's "Trochilis"? Something new?
Why, a hummingbird of course - who could ever have thought that it was
anything but (can you leave this in Mickey, I find it amusing..) [OK.
For everyone else; that's sort of an inside joke. -- MR].  You should
have guessed you'd get an Aves _sensu stricto_ in there George..

Some time back, Steve Cole.. oh, and this is just to prove to Weiagner
(-;)) that I read posts other than my own, said that there was a quote
of 'a new dinosaur every 7 weeks'. You can find this quote in Peter
Dodson's 'Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia': easily one of the
best books yet (from a visual standpoint) on dinosaurs, yet
surprisingly little known. It features countless large Franczak and
Greg Paul paintings not reproduced elsewhere. Anyhow, according to a
review of Psihoyos' 'Hunting Dinosaurs' published in 'Focus' magazine
last year (or perhaps in '94), dinosaur discoveries have now been
upped to 7 NEW TAXA A WEEK! Yes, for sure, this _isn't_ a mistake -
repeat, this definitely _isn't_ a error made by a journalist who
doesn't know his _Epanterias_ from his _Elasmosaurus_... (and that's
sarcasm, kids)...

Ah, elasmosaurs.. now this reminds me...
"Say something romantic"
"You don't sweat much for a fat girl"