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Coelophysis 18, Rioarribasaurus 5

Mike Brett-Surman relays the news from Alex Downs that the ICZN has
voted to suppress _Rioarribasaurus colberti_ in favor of _Coelophysis
bauri_ by switching the type specimen of _Coelophysis bauri_ from
Cope's material to the type specimen of _Rioarribasaurus colberti_ by
the vote noted in the subject heading above.

Unless someone beats me into print with a different name, or unless I
find that the generic name _Mister_ is preoccupied, or unless I learn
that someone else with more authority in the dinosaurology community
is going to propose a new name for Cope's now nameless _Coelophysis
bauri_ type material, I'm going to give it the new name _Mister
threetoes_ in one of my upcoming publications (likely _Mesozoic
Meanderings_ #2 third printing).