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Re: Carnosauria

Jonathan Wagner wrote:

>        Re: Tom Holtz's comment on "Spinosaurus B":
>        Is *THAT* what that meant?  I wish it had been a little clearer. 
>Add another clarification to the list:
>        Spinosaurus B:  Is Charcharodontosaurus.  Argh!

Yes, Stromer's "Spinosaurus B" turns out to be Carcharodontosaurus
(only one "h", please).

>On the Carnosauria:
>        Here then is my latest run at the Carnosauria and related taxa,
>incorporating data from Sereno et al. (note to Tom Holtz, I am not sure
>about modern latin conventions, but et alia means "and the rest" and et
>omia means "and everone/everything", which I believe is bad grammar, but a
>good joke if intended as such.).

Yes, it was a joke.  Nine coauthors seems to exceed the normal
allowance for "alia"...

>Epanterias atrox

The type species of Epanterias is E. amplexus, which may predate
Creosaurus atrox (I'll have to check).  However, the type of
Epanterias was mixed Camarasaurus and allosaurid material, so it is
not at all certain which one should be the name holder.

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