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Darren Naish wrote:


        Must... beat...Tom...Holtz...with...wet...noodle...
        Bird?  What's that?
>Some time back, Steve Cole.. oh, and this is just to prove to Weiagner
>(-;)) that I read posts other than my own, said that there was a quote

        Yes DarREn.  :)

>of 'a new dinosaur every 7 weeks'. You can find this quote in Peter
>Dodson's 'Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia': easily one of the
>best books yet (from a visual standpoint) on dinosaurs, yet
>surprisingly little known. It features countless large Franczak and
>Greg Paul paintings not reproduced elsewhere. Anyhow, according to a

        Speaking of this book, I've been meaning to ask for a while, does
anyone know what is up with Gregory Paul's illustrations in that volume? 
They are all tilted up at about a thirty-degree angle at the hip, and it's
not that the diagrams were rotated, it looks like someone actually
retouched them to be in a more godzilla-like pose. (I guess Greg P. is off
in conference-land, so I'll ask all of you, since by the time he gets back,
I should be gone (hold your applause, please).)


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