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Re: Royal Tyrrell and other things to see

Although not a card caring palaeontologist, I have been following the
conversations of this group for about two years.  In the past some of you
have answered several of my questions.

My wife and I are both science educators and each year on vacation we try to
take our daughters to places of interest to both relax and learn.  My
children ages 11, 14 and 16 all have a great interest in the science area.
 This year we are going to drive from Ann Arbor through Michigan into Canada.
 At that point we will travel around Lake Superior through to Manitoba,
Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia ending in Victoria for a family

Can any of you recommend any special points of interest we should not miss.
For example I remember as a child visiting an open pit amathyst mine in
Ontario which was not on the local tour map.   It is so hard to plan  when
you are just reading a map and travel log.  Are there any road side geology

Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated. 

We will be camping and we are all avid hikers.

David Larwa