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In a message dated 96-06-06 14:23:27 EDT, dwn194@soton.ac.uk (Darren Naish)

>> Okay, Tom. What's "Trochilis"? Something new?
>Why, a hummingbird of course - who could ever have thought that it was
>anything but (can you leave this in Mickey, I find it amusing..) [OK.
>For everyone else; that's sort of an inside joke. -- MR].  You should
>have guessed you'd get an Aves _sensu stricto_ in there George..

Chuckle! Unlike some people on the list, I have not yet committed to memory
the 250,000 or so available generic names in the animal kingdom. It's tough
enough just to keep the 791 dinosaur genera straight. Yes, that's 791: I've
just heard about two more from China. I'll post a Dinosaur Genera List
correction with the details when the references arrive here by snail mail.
And yes, there's _yet another_ new species of _Psittacosaurus_ in addition to
the ones recently posted by John Schneiderman.

>Some time back, Steve Cole.. oh, and this is just to prove to Weiagner
>(-;)) that I read posts other than my own, said that there was a quote
>of 'a new dinosaur every 7 weeks'. You can find this quote in Peter
>Dodson's 'Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia': easily one of the
>best books yet (from a visual standpoint) on dinosaurs, yet
>surprisingly little known. It features countless large Franczak and
>Greg Paul paintings not reproduced elsewhere.

I wrote the introduction to the book and about 20% of the entries--the 20%
that none of the other writers wanted to touch, such as Chinese stegosaurs
and such. The publisher's copyeditors compressed my deathless prose :-| into
homogenized and nearly unrecognizable spaghetti, and deleted a bunch of
interesting material from the introduction because they ran out of space. (I
thought that was an _encyclopedia_ they were working on...) When I read it
now, it feels like someone scraping his fingernails across a blackboard.