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Re: Royal Tyrrell and other things to see

From: DLarwa@aol.com

 > My wife and I are both science educators and each year on vacation
 > we try to take our daughters to places of interest to both relax and
 > learn.  My children ages 11, 14 and 16 all have a great interest in
 > the science area.
 > This year we are going to drive from Ann Arbor through Michigan into
 > Canada.
 >  At that point we will travel around Lake Superior through to
 > Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia ending in
 > Victoria for a family reunion.
 > Can any of you recommend any special points of interest we should
 > not miss.

The Royal Tyrell Museum!! (or is that spelled with two 'r's)?

There is also a park near (or on) the US-Canada border that has in-situ
dinosaurs, if I remember correctly - but I do not have the location
available right now.

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