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Re: Coelophysis and orphan lizard

From: Dinogeorge@aol.com

 > In a message dated 96-06-09 18:47:03 EDT, sj@io.com (Steve Jackson) writes:
 > >As far as renaming goes: how about the Greek for "orphan lizard"?
 > Yes, well, that would be _Orphanosaurus_(!), from the Greek _orphanos_,
 > "bereft."

Well, that sounds just about perfect - obvious yet with a subtle
nuance in the Greek.

Of course we also really need a new *species* name, just in case the
Petrified Forest animal should turn out to be a distinct species in
the same genus as Coelophysis.

Oh, does the redesignation of the type of Coelophysis hange the efective
authorship or date of authorship of the name?  [I am still trying to
figure out how to treat this mess in a synonymy list!!!]

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