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eggs, cladistics and fantasies

[Martin, I hope you don't mind the subject line I put in.  In any
 case, I'm letting this message through in the interest of maintaining
 democracy, but in general I think that meta-discussions like this
 should be kept off line as much as possible.  -- MR]

Bonnie Blackwell wrote:

> What Mr. Bois fails to see is that his opinions while valid as opinions
> do not have much scientific evidence to support them momentarily.  Maybe
> in future more evidence will prove him correct.  In the meantime, however,
> any hypothesis must be testable, in that it can be disproven.  The current
> available evidence tends to disprove rather than support his hypothesis.
> That being said, his hypothesis remain that - a hypothesis that has not
> passed the test. 

But it makes a bloody good read and discussion, doesn't it? I for one
am thoroughly enjoying the topic. Makes a change from cladograms
(which for dabblers like me are interesting in a "how many angels can
dance on the head of a pin this week" kind of way). In fact, I'm not
sure which of the two topics produces more speculation or

martin, ready for the onslaught......hahahaha