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Coelophysis redesignation

Ocay ocay, so aye kant spelle werth a dorn!  At leest aye kan spelle ure
naym rite, Tom Holtz!

Dinogeorge writes:
>Mike Brett-Surman relays the news from Alex Downs that the ICZN has
>voted to suppress _Rioarribasaurus colberti_ in favor of _Coelophysis
>bauri_ by switching the type specimen of _Coelophysis bauri_ from
>Cope's material to the type specimen of _Rioarribasaurus colberti_ by
>the vote noted in the subject heading above.
        Y'know, worse things have happenned (I *miss* Brontodsaurus).
        Still does not resolve the issues of synonomy.  I am not a generic
lumper (except by early Greg Paul influence), but Syntarsus and Coelophysis
(how I missed you, oh much better name that than heinous Frankenstein's
monster of a monkier!) still are great candidates for synonomy...

>Unless someone beats me into print with a different name, or unless I
>find that the generic name _Mister_ is preoccupied, or unless I learn
>that someone else with more authority in the dinosaurology community
>is going to propose a new name for Cope's now nameless _Coelophysis
>bauri_ type material, I'm going to give it the new name _Mister
>threetoes_ in one of my upcoming publications (likely _Mesozoic
        I believe this violates the principle (or perhaps it's a
recommendation) that all names be Greek, Latin, or Greco-latinized proper
nouns.  Personally, I am of two minds on this subject.
        One believes that dinosaurs seem to be taken a bit more seriously
than other groups.  We have very joke names (Angemimus biscutdo, for
example), and maybe some lightening up is necessary.
        The other is rather righteously indignant about the entire thing,
and is pretty disgusted that scientists would treat a (once) living
creature with such disrespect.  Granted, that gets pretty mystical, but for
a company of proffessional grave robbers, perhaps we ought to give a bit
more though to what we intend to call an animal.
        Still, I think Mister threetoes is hilarious.

>Meanderings_ #2 third printing).
        And how DO we get a copy of these Meanderings so often mentioned?