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Re: Coelophysis redesignation

From: jrw6f@faraday.clas.virginia.edu
 > Dinogeorge writes:
 > >Mike Brett-Surman relays the news from Alex Downs that the ICZN has
 > >voted to suppress _Rioarribasaurus colberti_ ...
 >         Y'know, worse things have happenned (I *miss* Brontodsaurus).

Of course that was just normal application of the standard rules, not
a plenary action by the ICZN.

I really do agree with other comments that the ICZN has jumped the gun
on this one.

By the way, what is the situation with regard to Centrosaurus now?
Is it still a junior homonym?

 > >Unless someone beats me into print with a different name, or unless I
 > >find that the generic name _Mister_ is preoccupied, or unless I learn
 > >that someone else with more authority in the dinosaurology community
 > >is going to propose a new name for Cope's now nameless _Coelophysis
 > >bauri_ type material, I'm going to give it the new name _Mister
 > >threetoes_ in one of my upcoming publications (likely _Mesozoic
 >         I believe this violates the principle (or perhaps it's a
 > recommendation) that all names be Greek, Latin, or Greco-latinized
 > proper nouns.  Personally, I am of two minds on this subject.

That is only a *recommendation*.

The only requirement is that the genus name be *treated* as if it
were latinized - that is it must be treated as having a gender and
any species name that is a Latin or latinized adjective must be properly

_Mister threetoes_, while silly (as intended), is a perfectly legal
name under the current rules.

Furthermore, given the circumstances, the new name can be validly
published in an article of only about half a page (just specify the
old type specimen and include a reference to any prior paper that
gives reasons that the GR and PF specimens might be distinct forms,
or in the absence of such an article a brief list of characters in
which the PF specimens differ from the GR specimens).

Actually, the whole point was intended as a protest against the ruling
and against some of the sillier provisions in the Rules.

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