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Forster's papers on Triceratops

First, I haven't had time to read them yet.  (If Cal State Long
Beahc has the new issue of JVP out, I may read them this weekend,
but they tend to have long delays in getting new issues on the

Based on Geroge Olshevsky's report, it appears as if she rejected
sexual dimoprphisms for T. horridus/prorsus because _T. horridus_
is much more common.

I do not think this is conclusive, at least if _T. horridus_ is
the female morph.  In an animal with a harem type herding system
females may well be substantially more common than males.  I am far
more inclined to this view than to the idea of two such similar
species being sympatric.  (Unless the size difference is more than
I believe it is).

[Man, but I am looking forward to seeing the papers].

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