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I had hoped that Gakken would give me info on how you can get The Complete
Illustrated Guide to Dinosaur Skeletons I authored and illustrated, but it
seems they do not have a means of distributing it through normal channels in
the US. I have heard that it can be found in Japanese language book stores
here in the states. Otherwise, try writing Gakken, maybe a large amount of
interest will get them to try to do something about the situation. 

Masaaki Inoue
GAKKEN MOOK                          Book code
40-5, 4Chome                         ISBN4-05-400656-6
Kami-ikedai                            CO645 P3000E
Ohtaku                                     168789
Yokyo 145 

This is all I know on the subject, so please do not ask me for more
info. If anyone wishes to post this message elsewhere please do so.

Gregory Paul