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Books on Amber

I am trying to make a master list of all books written in English which
address as a main topic: Amber or Copal, whether in or out of print. This
is the list I have currently compiled.

Title - Author - Publisher.

Amber (Out of Print) - Helen Fraquet - Butterworths.
Amber: All About It (Out of Print) - Maccall and Haddow - Cope and Co.
Amber - The Golden Gem Of The Ages - Patty Rice - The Koscuszco Foundation.
Amber - Window To The Past - D. A. Grimaldi - Abrams.
Amber, Resinite And Fossil Resins - Anderson and Crelling - ACS Symposium
Series 617.
Baltic Amber - A Paleobiological Study - Sven Gisle Larsson - Scandinavian
Science Press Ltd.
Dragons In Amber (Out of Print) - Willy Ley - Sidgwick and Jackson Ltd.
Life In Amber - George Poinar - Stanford.
The Book of Amber (Out of Print) - Williamson - Ernest Benn Ltd.
The Magic of Amber (Out of Print) - Rosa Hunger - NAG Press.
The Quest For Life In Amber - George and Roberta Poinar - Addison Wesley.
The Tears of the Heliades or Amber as a Gem - W. Arnold, Buffum - Sampson
Low, Marston & Co Ltd.

(If anyone knows of any other publications could they kindly send me the
details, i.e Title - Author - Publisher. I will re circulate the revised
list to the group if I receive any new entries.)

Garry Platt
(Deputy Director - CMTC)

E Mail Address:     garry@gplatt.demon.co.uk