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Re: Significant dates in dino history

Jeff Pouling wrote:

>   I need some significant dates in dinosaur paleontological history.  If
>you can think of any, send me an explanation with the day and month it
>occurred.  This is for a web-page-a-day calendar some company is publishing
>and I thought DOL ought to appear on a month/day that was significant to the
>   I'm thinking the date that is recognized as the first discovery of a
>dinosaur bone (the english guy and _Iguanodon_), or perhaps the date Owen
>named the Dinosauria (hey, that's a good one!)  Anybody know the dates for

1677 - First published record of a dinosaur bone (described as a giant
human thigh bone)

1824 - First named dinosaur, _Megalosaurus_ by Rev. W. Buckland

1825 - _Iguanodan_ described by Dr. G. Mantell

1841 - Owen coins term "Dinosauria"

1851 - large _Megalosaurus_, _Iguanodon_ and _Hylaeosaurus_ models built
for world expo. at Crystal Palace.

1887 - Dinosauria split into saurischians and ornithischians by H. G. Seeley

US dates

1856 - First published dinosaur material, _Trooon_, _Palaeoscincus_ by J.
Leidy, but were not considered dinosaurian at the time.

1858 - First recognised dinosaur find in US, at Haddonfield, New Jersey, by
W. P. Foulke - _Hadrosaurus foulkii_

1866 - E. D. Cope describes his first dinosaur, _Laelaps aquinulinguis_

187? - Marsh criticises Cope's description of _Elasmosaurus_, and away we go . .

1877 - Major discoveries at Morrison, Colorado, Canon City, Colorado and
Como Bluff, Wyoming.

1877 - _Apatosaurus_ described (Marsh)

1879 - _Brontosaurus_ described (Marsh)

1899 - _Diplodocus carnegii_ found

1947 - Goast Ranch site discovered


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