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Re: Significant dates in dino history

>    I need some significant dates in dinosaur paleontological history.  If
> you can think of any, send me an explanation with the day and month it
> occurred.

This is only a beginning, Jeff,

    I just this evening received my copy of Weishampel and Young's
_Dinosaurs of the East Coast_ (Johns Hopkins University Press,
Baltimore & London). I've only had a hour to leaf though it. Appendix
One (pages 225 - 229) is a "Historical Time Line," but only by year
(1636 - 1964). Well, it's a start. I'll bet DinoGeorge has every event
down to the minute (in Greenwich Mean Time, of course).
    Incidentally, Figure 9.27 (page 179) is a photo of Tom Lipka
collecting Early Cretaceous plant material from an Arundel Clay site
at Rossville, Maryland. The text also implicates Tom in Baltimore
traffic jams (pages 179 - 180), but you'll have to read it for
yourself. :-)

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