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Re: Significant dates in dino history

   I want to thank those who sent replies to my requests for important dates
in dinosaur paleontology history.  I may pull them together as a point of
interest for Dinosauria On-Line.

   Just as a point of amusement, I thought I'd mention that every message
gave me the YEAR of the important event.  That doesn't do much good when
you're putting together a 1997 calendar (and, yes, I did ask for the month
and day, not the year).

   For those who are interested, the date given for the formal naming of the
Dinosauria by Richard Owen is July 30, 1841.  That was the date he gave a
lecture that mentioned the Dinosauria in a public address for the first
time.  That's the date I chose for my entry on the calendar.  Hope I get it....

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