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Re: Re: Significant dates in dino history

>1677 - First published record of a dinosaur bone (described as a giant
>human thigh bone)

A U.S. date:

1818 - First report of dinosaur bones (considered Indian bones!) in a
scientific journal (American Journal of Science).  Specimens probably for
the prosauropod Anchisaurus.

>1824 - First named dinosaur, _Megalosaurus_ by Rev. W. Buckland
>1825 - _Iguanodan_ described by Dr. G. Mantell

1833 - _Hylaeosaurus_ named by Mantell.

>1841 - Owen coins term "Dinosauria"

That's 1842!!  In a paper in the Halstead memorial volume of Modern Geology,
someone (sorry, don't have the ref on me) showed that the name was NOT used
at the 1841 presentation, but was instead coined for the paper the following

>1851 - large _Megalosaurus_, _Iguanodon_ and _Hylaeosaurus_ models built
>for world expo. at Crystal Palace.

1878 - the Bernissart _Iguanodon_ bone bed discovered.

>1887 - Dinosauria split into saurischians and ornithischians by H. G. Seeley
>US dates
>1856 - First published dinosaur material, _Trooon_, _Palaeoscincus_ by J.
>Leidy, but were not considered dinosaurian at the time.

_Deinodon_ and _Trachodon_ are named in the same paper.

>1858 - First recognised dinosaur find in US, at Haddonfield, New Jersey, by
>W. P. Foulke - _Hadrosaurus foulkii_
>1866 - E. D. Cope describes his first dinosaur, _Laelaps aquinulinguis_

Later renamed _Dryptosaurus aquilunguis_ by Marsh.

>187? - Marsh criticises Cope's description of _Elasmosaurus_, and away we go
. .
>1877 - Major discoveries at Morrison, Colorado, Canon City, Colorado and
>Como Bluff, Wyoming.
>1877 - _Apatosaurus_ described (Marsh)
>1879 - _Brontosaurus_ described (Marsh)

1896 - Publication of Marsh's _The Dinosaurs of North America_, summarizing
the great discoveries of the previous two decades.

>1899 - _Diplodocus carnegii_ found

1900 - First relatively complete specimen of _Tyrannosaurus rex_ discovered.

>1947 - Goast Ranch site discovered

1986 - Publication of two hallmark papers on dinosaur cladistics: Gauthier's
theropod cladogram and Sereno's ornithischian phylogeny.

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