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Re: Significant dates in dino history

Concerning the famous mistake that E. D.Cope made with the skeleton of
__Elasmosaurus platyurus:  Cope mistakenly placed the skull at the wrong
end of the spine in 1868 and his error was noticed in the fall of 1868 by
Marsh.  Cope's restoration and remarks about the skeleton were first
published in the November, 1868 vol of the __Proceedings of the Academy of
Natural Sciences of Philadelphia pp. 92-93.  Marsh went on to write about
the E. platyurus and Cope in 1870 in the __American Journal of Science,
Vol L of series 2, 1870 pp.140-141 and in an additional note on pp.
And as Chris noted: "away we went."
Jane P. Davidson, Cope biographer