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 Grandfather of all tyrannosaurs found in Thailand
    LONDON, June 19 (Reuter) - French and Thai researchers reported on
Wednesday they had discovered the grandfather of all tyrannosaurs --
the oldest example of the vicious, meat-eating dinosaur ever found.
    The new dinosaur, dubbed Siamotyrannus isanensis, is 20 million
years older than the earliest known tyrannosaur and may prove that the
species evolved in Asia, they said.
    Eric Buffetaut of the University of Paris and colleagues at
Thailand's Geological Survey said the creature was about 6.5 metres
(21 ft) long, about half the size of its better-known descendant
Tyrannosaurus rex.
    "Tyrannosaurids may thus be one of the dinosaur groups that
originated in Asia, during a period of relative isolation in the early
Cretaceous (140 to 65 million years ago), and, later, spread to North
America,'' they wrote in the science journal Nature.