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help with skin

Would anyone who has any samples of or knows of any samples of dino
skin please respond to me privately?   i have a summer student starting
to study what we think are skin impressions and we need all the comparative
material we can find. 

also anyone who may know of scientific descriptions in the literature,
we would appreciate the references.  also any museums that might have
skin on display (esp. on virtual access).  (i know about the amnh displays).

thanks for the help!

Bonnie A. Blackwell,                            bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu
Dept of Geology,                                off: (718) 997-3332
Queens College, City University of New York,    fax: (718) 997-3349
Dept of Earth \& Environmental Sciences,        fax: (718) 997-3513
The Graduate Center, CUNY,                      messages: (718) 997-3300
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