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[I had some reservations about distributing this message... if people
 started doing this sort of thing regularly I'd definitely draw a line
 and hold them back.  But we are a bit of a community here, and I
 don't want moderation to completely destroy that aspect of the list.
 Let me know if you strongly think I should/shouldn't have forwarded
 this along.  -- MR]

        I've been lurking on this list for two years.  Just want to
thank everyone for their wonderful contributions, the hard-fought
battles, the vociferously polite debates, the details, the commiseration,
the knowledge, timeliness and untrammelled joy with which dinosaurs
were revealed to me.  I wish I had the kind of technical knowledge
to participate meaningfully in the discussions here....but I want to 
thank those who do, especially Tom Holtz, for their time and effort.
I'm off for a year overseas for dissertation research.  Many thanks
to all.

Mike Turton