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Dinosaur Extinction [Some Theories]

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Subject: Extinction (Dinosaurs)

The following is Box 6-4 in Chapter 6, Evolutionary Record, in my 
college textbook, "Understanding Physical Anthropology and Archeology", 
4th Ed., 1990, Robert Jurmain, Harry Nelson, William A. Turnbaugh, pub- 
lished by West Publishing Company.  Note: An "*" shows italics.
QUOTE - "The theories that have been propounded (to explain the 
extinction of dinosaurs) are legion, and one cannot do better than 
quote Jepsen on this topic: 'Authors, with varying competence, have 
suggested that the dinosaurs disappeared because the climate 
deteriorated (became suddenly or slowly too hot or cold or dry or wet), 
or that the diet did (with too much food or not enough of such 
substances as fern oil; from poisons in water or plants or ingested 
.<<remainder snipped>>...