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significant dinosaur history dates

Hmmm, there are some dates missing [from Chris Nedin's list -- MR] ...
Except those which where actually brought in (Bernissart et al.),
whats about:
- First Archaeopteryx specimen found in Bavaria
- Large herds of Prosauropods (_Plateosaurs_) found in Germany
- German dinosaur digs in Africa ( first complete _Brachiosaurus_ skeleton)
- First american Gobi-expedition (Andrews), eggs and _Protoceratops_
- Discovery of Deinonychus
- Horner's Egg-Mountain
- Bob Bakker's discussion about warm-blooded dinosaurs
- Chinese dinosaur-digs
- Sereno finds early dinosaur in Argentinia (_Herrerasaurus_)
- Seismosaurus found in New Mexico

I think, these events are als important for a dinosaur paleontological
I'm not firm with all the dates, but If you wish, I can look for those
and send them. 

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