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Re: Significant dates in dino history

- 1858  Hadrosaurus foulkii formally described by Joseph Leidy

-1859  Generic name of Astrodon assigned by Christopher Johnston (a dentist!)
to teeth found in a Maryland iron mine.
-1865  Astrodon johnstoni formally described by Joseph Leidy

-1888 Pleurocoelus altus
         P. nanus (probably an immature form of P. altus)
         Priconodon crassus
         Coelurus gracilis
         Allosaurus medius (nomen dubium) = ("Dryptosaurus" medius)
         All of the above were described by Marsh from material found in the
iron ore and clay mines of Maryland.

And also from the same area;

-1911 Creosaurus potens (Lull) cf. "Dryptosaurus"  potens    (nomen dubium)
-1920 Archaeornithomimus affinis (Gilmore)    

1980's- present New and interesting material collected by yours truly,  Peter
Kranz and others .Stay tuned!

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies