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To all:

Okay, my guess is that virtually all of us are aware that /Tyrannosaurus/ and
her kin are carnosaur no more.  I was also aware that the terms "coelurosaur"
and "carnosaur" were redefined and another basic theropod group was conjured
so that the Theropoda would make sense -- wasn't it the ceratosaurs?  

Anyway, exactly /how/ are "coelurosaur," "carnosaur," and "ceratosaur"
defined?  I recall that someone said that carnosaurs are all theropods more
closely related to /Allosaurus/ than to birds (my memory's pretty bleak).  If
it went something like that, this might mean that a dinosaur well-known as a
coelurosaur would now be a carnosaur -- /Ornitholestes/!  

I really need to get informed.

Breathe deep, seek peace, and may the force be with you,

Rachel K. Clark