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Royal Tyrrell Museum Update #5: Kong Long Exhibit

 This exhibit of Chinese and Canadian dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell
Museum of Paleontology, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada opened earlier
than planned; it has been open for a week or so now. 23 semi-trailer
trucks delivered the exhibits. The total area of exhibition covers
nearly 9,000 square feet. I had a look at the exhibit today and
quickly jotted down which mounts are there:

 1 original Tyrannosaurus skull. 
 1 panel mounted Tyrannosaurus in death pose.
 Open (completely free-standing) mounts of Sinraptor, Monolophosaurus,
Mamenchisaurus, Psittacosaurus, 3 adult Pachyrhinosaurus, 1 baby
Pachyrhinosaurus, 1 baby Hypacrosaurus.
 Panel mounts of juvenile Bellusaurus, Sinraptor, Monolophosaurus.
 Skeletons left as is in the matrix are: Sinornithoides, Leptoceratops, baby
Protoceratops, adult Protoceratops (mostly skull only).
 Isolated skulls of Corythosaurus, Lambeosaurus, Pinacosaurus, Gobisaurus.
 2 skeletal mounts of baby Hypacrosaurus.
 Eggs of segnosaurs, possible ornithomimids, Hypacrosaurus.
 "Touchy-feely" anterior half of original Pachyrhinosaurus skull.
 1 Dsungaripterus (pterosaur) skull and panel mounted skeleton of same.
 Aptian-Albian-aged medium-sized tracks of unidentified theropod from Grande
Cache, Alberta.
 Many side exhibits on pterosaurs, turtles, lizards and other smaller fossils.
 Several video displays relating to the Canada-China-Alberta Dinosaur

 This exhibit will be up for the entire summer, I'm not sure when it will be
coming down. I'll let readers know once I get this information. 
 Darren Tanke, Technician, Dinosaur Research Program, Royal Tyrrell Museum
of Palaeontology, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. Paleo Interests: fossil
identification, collection and preparation, centrosaurine ceratopsians,
Upper Cretaceous vertebrate faunas of North America and East Asia,
paleopathology; senior editor on annotated bibliography of extinct/extant
vertebrate dental pathology, osteopathy and related topics (9,719 entries as
of May 14, 1996).