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In his new J. Vert. Paleo. paper Kellner & Langston figure a number of
Quetzalcoatlus skulls that clearly have very long beaks (and which imply that
the largest Quetz. had heads approaching 10 ft. long excluding any crest!).
What has me scratching my head is the photo of the articulated front two
thirds of another Quetzalcoatlus upper and lower jaw on p. 144 in
Wellnhofer's 1991 book PTEROSAURS. This skull (number 42489-2?) is not
mentioned in the K & L paper, and it appears to have a very short beak (also,
the placement of the posterior end of the mandibular symphysis relative to
the external nares seems to be  different). Odd, very odd. These two skull
types seem to be from different genera! Anyone know more about this

Confused in Baltimore,