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Owen, Cope, Marsh, Osborn

Many thanks to all of you who responded to my inquiries regarding 
taxonomy ("What ever happened to Deinodon?").  This information has been 
very helpful.  Those of you who referred me to specific books and other 
references, I will try to order these some time this year.  (I'm very 
curious about the Folios.)

On the subject of books, could anyone provide for me a list of the best 
biographical and historical books about Owen, Cope, Marsh and perhaps 
Osborn?  (I presume Jane P. Davidson will have some advice on what to buy 
about Cope.  :)

I'm a writer of screenplays, and at some point in the future I would like 
to write a feature film or MOW (TV movie of the week) script about one or 
several of these individuals.  I actually know very little about the 
beginnings of dinosaur bone hunting, but if there is an interesting story 
to tell with that as the theme, I may like to attempt it.

Thanks in advance!

--Christopher Sirmons Haviland (incertae sedis)