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interesting book

As my dino library continues to get out of hand I recently picked up the
following book at Borders bookstore chain. I'm just about done on my first
run through and I think it may be one of the best general audience but not
technically trivial book on the subject I have ever run into. It is sort of
the Dinosuaria is to the expert. The book is

The Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs by DE Fastovshy and DB
Weishampel, 1996 Cambridge University Press.

It seems to be mostly up to date with respect to the stuff we have been
discussing the last year. I haven't read the extinction part yet but I don't
think anyone has that much of a handle so .......... Norm you might be
interested in using this as a text for the class you were teaching.

So for whatever use
paul sparks