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new refs.

Here are some new ones I haven't seen on the list yet.

JT Paleobiology.
DA Sprg 1996 v 22 n 2
PG  121
AU Foote, Mike
AU Raup, David M.
TI Fossil preservation and the stratigraphic ranges of taxa

JT Scientific American.
DA JUL 01 1996 v 275 n 1
PG   72
AU Erwin, Doulgas E.
TI The Mother of Mass Extinctions.
SU The death of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago pales beside the vastly
   greater disaster 250 million years ago that eliminated 80 percent or more of
   all animal species. The leading culprits seem to include a global decline in
   sea level and massive volcanic eruptions in what later became China and

JT Geology.
DA JUN 01 1996 v 24 n 6
PG  527
AU Pope, Kevin O.
AU Ocampo, Adriana C.
AU Smith Randy
TI Surface expression of the Chicxulub crater

JT Palaontologische Zeitschrift.
DA MAR 01 1996 v 70 n 1 / 2
PG  245
AU Sullivan, R.M.
AU Lucas, S.G.
AU Hunt, A.P.
TI The type locality of Coelophysis, a Late Triassic dinosaur from
   north-central New Mexico (USA).