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Re: Carnosaurs!

From: RaptorRKC@aol.com
 > so that the Theropoda would make sense -- wasn't it the ceratosaurs?  
 > Anyway, exactly /how/ are "coelurosaur," "carnosaur," and "ceratosaur"
 > defined?  I recall that someone said that carnosaurs are all theropods more
 > closely related to /Allosaurus/ than to birds ... If
 > it went something like that, this might mean that a dinosaur well-known as a
 > coelurosaur would now be a carnosaur -- /Ornitholestes/!

All recent cladograms place _Ornitholestes_ well within the coelurosaur
clade.  Greg Paul was apparently wrong about that. (Actually, if GP had
been right it would have to have been moved to Carnosauria anyway).

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