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Re: Owen, Cope, Marsh, Osborn

In a message dated 96-06-24 11:15:00 EDT, Saurischia@aol.com writes:

>On the subject of books, could anyone provide for me a list of the best 
>biographical and historical books about Owen, Cope, Marsh and perhaps 
>Osborn?  (I presume Jane P. Davidson will have some advice on what to buy 
>about Cope.  :)

I don't have the time to look up the references for a detailed listing, but
each of the above characters has had at least one fairly recent biography:

Cope and Marsh are treated together in _The Fossil Feud_ by Elizabeth Shor

Owen is the subject of _Richard Owen: Victorian Naturalist_ by Nicolaas Rupke

Osborn is the subject of _An Agenda for Antiquity_ by Ronald Rainger