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Re: Owen, Cope, Marsh, Osborn

In a message dated 96-06-24 11:15:10 EDT, Christopher Sirmons Haviland

 >I'm a writer of screenplays, and at some point in the future I would like 
 >to write a feature film or MOW (TV movie of the week) script about one or 
 >several of these individuals.  I actually know very little about the 
 >beginnings of dinosaur bone hunting, but if there is an interesting story 
 >to tell with that as the theme, I may like to attempt it.

I would think that the Marsh-Cope feud would make a good western.
It has all of the standards: claim-jumping, spies, bribery, switching
loyalties, and maybe even a gunfight or so.

Think of it - a war over fossil bones in the middle of the last of the
Indian wars!!

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