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Re: nomina nuda

 From: Dinogeorge@aol.com

 > > Aren't the rules clear as to what counts as a valid medium of
 > > publication for a name, and that a stamp, for example, doesn't
 > > qualify?
 > Absolutely right. A name first used on a postage stamp, on a notepad
 > cover, or in a guidebook to a public dinosaur exhibition, etc. is
 > merely a vernacular name until its scientific description is
 > published ...

To be more specific, for a name to be "available" under the Rules
its publication must meet certain criteria. A name that isn't "available"
has no existance as far as formal nomenclature is concerned. Such a
name has no priority for either synonymy or homonymy.

IF I remember correctly the current criteria are:
        1) the name must be published with clear indication of
           intent to create a new name. (abbreviations like 'n.sp."
           for "new species" count as indication of intent).

        2) the name must be accompanied by a designation of the type
           material (specimen for a species, species for a genus).
           For a genus name the formula "n.gen. et n.sp." counts
           as designating the new species as the type species of the
           new genus. Also, the type material may be designated by
           reference to some other publication.

        3) the name must be accompanied by a "diagnosis" or a reference
           to a diagnosis previously published. (A diagnosis is a
           short description that purports to specify how the new
           taxon differs from its closest relatives).

Just *try* and get all of that on a stamp!!
Or a museum label.

I think there is also some provision to rule out typing up a new name,
making a hundred photocopies and handing it out on a street corner.
I think it is something about the medium of publication must be
"generally available" or some such wording. [Actually, as worded
I suspect a stamp would meet this criterion - but the others
mentioned above are sufficiently fatal that that isn't a problem].

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