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Re: Re: Owen, Cope, Marsh, Osborn

Tom Lipka wrote:

>Along with the usual group of paleo-greats you cite, might I suggest other
> major players in paleontology who seem to get little attention such as
> Joseph Jeidy, Charles Glimore, John Bell Hatcher, Sternberg or Barnum Brown
>just to name a few? And in the case of Leidy, predates Marsh!
>I'm sure, there are others that the members of this list can think of as

Why keep it (North) American?

Sure, there's the British: Owen, Huxley, Darwin (no, wait, the British and
PBS did that in the 1980s, and he wasn't a dino-man anyway), the Mantells,
Buckland eating everything under the sun, etc.

There's always Count Ferenc Nopsca, just about the most, er... (what I am
looking for...  Ah!) colorful dinosaur paleontologist in history.
Transylvanian nobleman, international spy, incredible Albaniophile, gay, and
motorcylclist (on top of being one of the first dinosaur biogeographers,
Darwinist, and group-upper).

Somewhat less colorful, but still interesting, are Friedrich von Huene,
Louis Dollo, Janensch and the Tendaguru expeditions, Stromer and the
Baharijan expeditions, etc.

And I'm sure there must be some interesting stories from C.C. Young, Dong
Zhi-Ming, and the Mongolians.

Actually, a good (though outdated) source for most of these is Colbert's Men
and Dinosaurs.

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