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Re: Angemimus biscutdo

Steve Jackson writes:
>Jonathan Wagner wrote:
>> We have very joke names (Angemimus biscutdo, for example),
>No!  Really?  Who, when? Was the describer pressed to death under copies of
>THE DINOSAURIA? Why or why not?
>Tell us the story!!

        I'm really sorry Steve J., this sentence *should* have read:

>> We have very few joke names (such as "Angemimus biscutdo"),

        Unfortunately, not only am I a crippled speller, I sometimes type
much faster than I think.  The Field Museum in Chicago has a great list of
humorous scientific names (most of them seem to be insects, mammals, and
plants), and fortunately or not, Angemimus (anghina-mimic?), Mister (must
mean *something* in latin), and other fun genera are yet to be represented.
Personally, I'm having a fun time getting used to the idea of Mister
threetoes.  Were the Ghost Ranch theropods to be broken up generically, we
could name on Mister ed (for E.D. Cope, of course), and another Mister
spock.  The only problem I see is in abbreviating the genus, since we all
know the correct abbreviation is Mr.!

Dinogeorge was kind enough to point out:
>by Feduccia, Martin & Simmons in the June 14 _Science_ rebutting the
>notion that _Oviraptor_'s apparent brooding behavior was avian-style
>rather than reptilian.
        And, were my grandmother equipped with a full set of wheels, her
form would be indistinguishable from that of the common wagon (Wagon