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Re: Forster's papers on Triceratops

Stan Friesen wrote:

> I do not think this is conclusive, at least if _T. horridus_ is
> the female morph.  In an animal with a harem type herding system
> females may well be substantially more common than males. 

  Would it make more sense to say that in an animal with a harem-type
herding system, females would be more numerous >in herd situations<
than males, unless they followed something along the lines of
elephants with male herds and female herds?
  Does this seem more likely, or would the male population show up
somewheres else that I'm not thinking of?  The herd situations we seem
to have are generally one species prodominant, correct?  What about
sex morphs?

Betty Cunningham
illustrator, animator, and likes to collect dead things