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Re: Aquatic dinosaurs

At 11:03 25/06/96 -0400, Dalmiro Maia wrote:

> Why do people generally fail to recognize the existence of aquatic
> dinosaurs? I've just found such a claim in one post at
> sci.antropology.paleo
>Dalmiro Maia

Well, I suppose, because there don't seem to be any to recognize, other than
avian aquatics such as (to give Cretaceous examples) Hesperornis, Baptornis
and their kin.  I assume by aquatic you mean specifically adapted to life in
the water to some degree, not just that they take a swim occasionally (which
even creatures such as elephants and sloths do).

[Ron, are you daft, man?  Do you know what can of worms you're opening
 by bringing up swimming elephants!! :-)  Sorry.  Couldn't resist.  -- MR]

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