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Re: Aquatic dinosaurs

Dalmiro Maia wrote:

> >I've seen often stated, I think even in this mailing list, that there
> >were no aquatic dinos, yet some exist even today (penguins). 

th81 wrote:

> Except for pengiuns, auks, hesperornithifomrs, and other aquatic birds, there
> is no strong evidence for dinosaurs specialized for marine habits.  

Bringing this all back to Archie and his eastern buddy,
Confucious-birdy...  How likely would it have been for a piscivorous,
diving-and-swimming-by-flapping small dinosaur-bird to coexist with
these other guys in their lagoons?  Would any of the smaller
pterasaurs have fit into the
niches?  Were any of the pterasaurs or dino-birdies web-footed, that
we know of?

-Betty Cunningham