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We're working on finishing up the first issue of DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES,
a new magazine/newsletter on the Mesozoic.

For those unfamiliar with it, we're using "intelligence
processing techniques" on dinosaurs (apparently the first to do so).
In theory, we'll have (in brief or at length) just about everything
to happen recently on dinosaurs and a scattering of data on
anything else that took place from 225-65mya.

If you want our writer's or artists guides, Email Tiger@arn.net
and we'll get them to you. We are primarily looking for articles
on recent finds and theories and re-evaluations, not for
basic science and rehashes of six different dinosaur books.

In theory, we'll print a summary of many (perhaps most) of the
more interesting/important "papers", either by summarizing
the published version or coaxing scientists into writing
their own summaries for us to print in 1-2 months at the
same time they submit their paper to the year-long review
process it takes to get published. Or they can have a grad student
do the summary, or send us the paper at the same time it goes
to SVP and we'll hire someone to summarize it. We pay $50
a page, and a page works out to about 750 words and a picture.
If you have photos, we'll take them; if not, we've got lots
of artists asking for work.

Anyway, now that you know what we're up to, here are my
immediate needs:

A short article, 50-200 words, on marine reptiles, something
newly found recently, not something you can look up in a book.
Anyone who has dug up something lately, do let me know...

A short article, 50-200 words, on something new in paleobotany.

I've got a pile of dinosaur articles, a trackway article,
something about archy and something about a pterosaur, and if there
is a gap in here someplace, something I'm missing, let me know or
even better just write something to fill it.

Any items for our "dinosaur calendar" section. Exhibitions,
conferences, etc.

Any short notes on something new you found that we could
hope to see an article in our second or third issue.
In theory, if you just got back from the field you could
dash us off a three-sentence Email on your new genera or species
before jumping in the shower.

I could use another long article (750 words and a picture)
on a new dinosaur genera. Ask first, I've already got about
five of these and you don't want to do what someone else
already did.

Any non-commercial web sites with interesting dinosaur info
or pictures.

And finally and most of all, someone from the Dinosaur Society
business office or management to answer my Emails.

Please send any of the above to tiger@arn.net and not to
the Email address I'm using now.--Stephen V Cole, Managing
Editor, Dinosaur Discoveries