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Re: Aquatic dinosaurs

In a message dated 96-06-27 11:57:10 EDT, Thomas_R_HOLTZ@umail.umd.edu (th81)

>Unfortunately, "Eudinosauria" has already been employed by Novas (c. 1990)
>for "Saurischia plus Ornithischia", or in other words, just Dinosauria.  (At
>the time, Novas, and most everyone else, 

Except me (heh, heh).

>thought Herrerasauridae was outside
>the "Saurischia plus Ornithischia" clade).

So Eudinosauria is a junior synonym of Dinosauria. How droll.

>>Unfortunately, I use the name Aves for all dinosaurs closer to
>>than to _Iguanodon_ (after all, the birds came first)
>Except that Saurischia is already the name employed for this clade.

One of these days, they'll realize that Saurischia is not a clade, because it
doesn't include its descendant clade Ornithischia.

>>What we really need is an organization similar to the ICZN (if not
>>with it) to codify and prioritize definitions of clades and so forth at
>>levels above those of the family, so we can dispense with this nonsense
>>"my system" versus "their system," etc.
>It's being worked on.

And to think that I wasn't invited...