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Two Dodson books?

To all,
   I checked out a web site called Amazon which has a lot of science-
related books for sale, and I noticed two books by Peter Dodson with
remarkably similar titles:

   (1) Ceratopsia: A Natural History of the Horned Dinosaurs
       pub by Addison-Wesley Pub Co, May 1996, hardcover $US 18.90

   (2) The Horned Dinosaurs: A Natural History
       pub by Princeton Univ. Press, October 1996, hardcover $US 35.00

My question is, are these the same book?  Or is one (probably the less
expensive (1)) a "popularized" version of (2)?  Does anyone on the list
know any details?  There were no details regarding # of pages, etc. so
I couldn't tell if I should wait for (2) or go ahead and get (1).  Any
information would be appreciated.

Lyle P. Blosser, dinophile

PS - the URL for Amazon is http://www.amazon.com