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Florence Magovern post

This is a forward of part of her post with permission!

Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 22:58:22 -0400
From: STONECO@aol.com
To: mcallist@gate.net
Subject: Crash recovery

 Feel free to post anything you feel the chat
group would find of interest.  I have thought of jumping in myself but, for
the moment, I don't have time.  In the future I will correspond via e-mail.
 You may post anything you like.  We have already posted the science info I
wrote about the egg shell research on our page.  It's missing the photos
because I didn't get a chance to ask permission of the various scientists who
contributed photos.  We are all very sad that Karl Hirsch passed away last
week.  You may have seen the news Ken Carpenter posted.  Many I have
corresponded with during this week have had very touching private notes to
add about Karl's life of giving and sharing.  He will be missed by many.  His
students will carry on his research.  

Regarding cutting into the egg, its the only way, so far,  to prove the
embryo is inside.  Terry Manning noticed that the embryos are always on one
end of the egg.  Gravity caused the bones to settle before they were
preserved.  Best to test which end of the egg was on the bottom in the nest
before probing.  This could save a lot.  Embryos are RARE.....intentional cap
lock :-) :-)  Don't expect to find one.  If you do, the sacrifice of the egg
will be more than worth it.  

I have been working on a story for National Geo's new web site.  We plan to
discuss the egg story in more detail.  Louie's photos were so fantastic that
they had little space left for text.  They plan to have the story ready in a
few weeks.  Always busy with lots of projects.  Marty Shugar lives in
Hollywood, Florida.  I think the hospital he works at is also in Hollywood
but I don't know the name.  He will have a story about his work with Terry
Mannings eggs on the NG home page also.  He doesn't have e-mail.  No relation
to Louise Shugar.   He knows what parameters he has tried but I don't know if
he's ready to have others trying things until he had done some more work.
 Watch for the NG site.  I know he was excited about writing something for

Good observation that the logo is a Parasaurolophus.  My Mother was an art
teacher.  She and my Dad both graduated from Stanford University many years
before me.  She taught me the oriental style of brush painting.  Oriental art
was a particular favorite of hers.  The logo is a result of these early
studies of a very simple yet striking art form.  As with most things we do,
Charlie had the idea, I put it down on paper.  Glad you like it.  

Please let me know what you think would be of interest to the chat group.
I'll try to keep you informed with new info for general audiences.  Best
regards, Florence