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new ref.

Here's a new one...

D.M. Mohabey, 1996, "A new oospecies, _Megaloolithus matleyi_, from the 
Lameta Formation, Upper Cretaceous, of Chandrapur District, Maharashtra, 
India, and general remarks on the paleoenvironment and nesting behavior 
of dinosaurs," Cretaceous research 17(2):183-96, April.
        Abstract: New occurrences of fossilised eggs of different 
structural types have been documented from the Upper Cretaceous Lameta 
Formation of the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, central India.  For 
the eggshells of tubospherulitic morphotype a new oospecies, 
_Megaloolithus matleyi_ sp. nov., has been established.  For the shells 
of prolatospherulitic and testudoid morphotypes, a general description 
is given.  The eggshells occur in calcretized sandstones that reflect 
deposition in alluvial-limnic environments under semi-arid conditions.  
There is evidence for colonial nesting, selection of nesting sites on 
river-banks, and burial of nests by sauropods.