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   I have a DOL visitor that is asking about an animal called
_Biennotherium_.  He sent me the following (forwarded) e-mail:

Hello Kasin,
  How are you? Hope you are doing well. The name of the dinosaur that
we scanned is called Biennotherium. It is from the early Jurassic era.
Hope you are having a nice day, until your next email.

   The word "therium" suggests to me that this is a mammal (what does
"therium" mean, anyway?  That'd be a good entry for the DML Dictionary.)
Anybody know what it is for certain?

[I don't know about the animal in question, but "therium" is usually
 translated as "beast", and (as Jeff said) is applied pretty much
 exclusively to mammals and their ilk. -- MR ]

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