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new dinosaur documentary coming up

>      (from POST magazine, January 15th, 1996)
>         The animators at Miguel's Studios, the Reston, VA, shop behind
>      National Geographic's DINOSAURS ON EARTH; THEN AND NOW documentary,
>      are now providing seven minutes of multiplane animation for Nat Geo's
>      next doc in the series, ANCIENT ANIMALS; LIVING FOSSILS, due in March.
>         The first half-hour in the kids' educational series starts with
>      Miguel's animated "big bang" and moves through over six minutes of
>      evolutionary creature animation.
>         The doc, which recently won a Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
>      award, culminates in graphic animated depictions of how
>      paleontologists believe dinosaurs really lived and died.  The shop's
>      founder, Miguel Munoz, says traditional pencil cel work was
>      inked-and-painted with AXA's Pentium systems.

>      -copied out of the magazine by Betty Cunningham,
>      -who has no other connections with this work.