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Some people asked wha
t went down in NBC's THE MYSTERIOUS ORIGINS OF MAN (what, you didn't take the
time to listen to Charlton Heston?). This is a very quick and dirty summary,
watching the thing again would make me gag.

Remember, you asked for it.

The hour long show was extremely biased, no counter arguments to the views
presented were allowed. Few if any of the experts were legitimate scientists.

Starting with the dino part, it was claimed that human footprints have been
found alongside those of dinosaurs in Texas, an old and long disproven story.
The "expert" was Carl Baugh, who is so imcompetent that even many
fundamentalists have disavowed him. No mention was made of how the giant
trackways are really those of theropods walking flat footed in soft mud that
partly collapsed after the foot was removed. A loose foot with five toes
looked doctored (Kuban discusses this is more detail on this list).

It was also claimed that a petrified human "finger" was found in dinosaur
bearing rocks. An obvious "psuedomorph" - i.e. a rock that happens to look
like a finger.

It was hinted that dinosaurs still live in darkest Africa.

The usual photos of dead "plesiosaurs" were shown. These are really badly
rotted basking shark carcasses.

It was claimed that early hominids are just apes.

It was claimed that mammoths were frozen when the Earth suddenly became
unbalanced and Siberia moved from the equator to the arctic (what really
happened was that the mammoths were browsing on summer plants on the thin
soil above the permafrost, when they fell into hidden ice crevasses and got a
tad too cold).

The rapid tilt of the Earth explains how Antarctica, which was once the
tropical home of Atlantis, ended up at the pole. If only we can dig under the
ice the wonders of Atlantis will be revealed. (I'm not making this up! They

It was claimed that many ancient cities are really much more ancient than
those too dumb to know anything archaeologists believe, and that they are
outposts of Atlantis. The huge size of moved stones, the fine stone-stone
fit, and metal clamps were cited as evidence of lost hi-technology (if they
were that advanced, you might think they would build with steel and glass).

They prattled on about "artifacts" found in Precambrian rocks. Looked like
spherical geodes of some sort to me.

It would seem that back in the 1800s tools etc were found in a deep mine in
sediments "millions" of years old.

They probably discussed how the Earth is really only a few tens of thousands
of years old, but at this point I don't really give a .......